Ridiculous rules, condition and situation in the world that need to be changed

1. A woman in a random day looks like this.

And she on her “those days”  of the month looks like this.


And not like this 👇🏿

Periods are natural and not under the will. 

So stop mocking something natural and those ridiculous rules in the name of restriction like do not enter the temple. And this too – ( I am not kidding, this really happens in India)

2. If he is special

she is more special

because rare things are more valuable.

Sex ratio in India 945 females for every 1,000 males. [Sex Ratio in India] (same situation in China too)

4. You don’t need to be shameful while buying this,

Show shame while doing this,

5. The permanent solution to temporary problems isn’t this,

8. Just going here

doesn’t make you a MANTry being huMAN instead.

9. Women are NOT less than men. Their physical weakness is surpassed by their mental strength. A mother is 10 times mentally strong than any man in the world.

10. There’s a fine difference between feminists and feminazis

11. This

isn’t necessary. Neither is this

Some more:

  • You have no rights to call a girl slut only because she rejected a scumbag like you.
  • The girl you stare is a sister and daughter of someone!


The result of 2+2 = ? can be known here.

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