pictures with deep meaning


fake friend
the biggest curs in your life are fake friends. 

Spirit of learning: feel the gratitude about your learning opportunity. many don’t have


sometimes stay back to save others.
most of the people in your life will just act as if they are helping you
that is what most of the people doing nowadays….consume consume consume
know thyself before judging others. Judging others is the only this we are doing tirelessly
if your parents are alive, feel the gratitude. Let them know that you love them.
life is like an icecream. enjoy it before it melts. Nobody can’t ignore the reality of life. Be prepared for it
the beginning and the ending of life are the same
We are all same inside. even true for LGBT and straight community
Don’t ignore depression, take care of the depressed people around you.

all the pictures were taken from the web.

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