Is it the real world that you see now? How we view the world is an individual experience varies person to person

A family of 4 are walking on the road beside a sea beach.

The father is looking at the young girl in bikini with a perfect figure. In his mind “oh what a beauty! Alas! My wife was like her 10 years ago”

The wife was also looking at that girl but she is also looking at the boy with that girl. The boy use to be her boyfriend.  She is thinking “oh girl enjoy your life to your fullest, when you give birth, you will lose that perfect figure”

The 10-year-old son is looking at all the surfers over the big wave.

The 5-year-old daughter is looking at the ice cream parlor, she loooooves strawberry flavor.

They are all walking through the same place, same time…..

But….in their head…..its individual world…..the world according to their thought, desire, need, want, frustration, anticipation.

We don’t see the same thing, we only see what we are trained to see.

That’s why what a police officer can see looking at a criminal’s eye, we can’t see

What an accountant can see in a tax summery, we can’t see

Where a businessman can see the opportunity, we can see problem

Happy reading.