How to feel good about your negative mates?

How to feel good about your mate?
Got a negative mate?

So many times in our life we try to change our close friends/families and almost 100% time we fail successfully. Did ever anyone can change other people forcefully? How can you handle a negative mate? Can you change the negative energy that surrounds him/her?

The simple answer is NO. You never can change others. The only person you can change is yourself. Yes, you can change the feelings about your mate, you can practice forgiveness. If you practice gratitude every day (that means to feel the feelings of gratitude for everything you have – good health, good spouse, friends, families, children, career……a beautiful sunny day or a chilly winter (think about the heat of Sahara)……for everything you have in your life), you will feel good about your negative friends.

Even a broken clock shows right time twice a day. Every person doesn’t matter how much negative energy s/he possesses, has some positive side also. Practicing gratitude will enable you to see those positive sides in every person.

No-melt ice cream


ice cream solidified for hours in room temperature
ice cream solidified for hours at room temperature

Do you think this is very important? what is the joy of eating ice cream if you don’t hurry to eat the whole thing because otherwise, it will melt down?  Will it be very enjoyable to sit for an hour in front of your ice cream and then eat? How many people in this world wait for hours to eat their ice cream after being served?

The only good side of this invention is for the takeaway food delivery companies like Uber eats/ Deliveroo/ Menulog etc who can deliver ice cream in solid form to the door of customers. Happy food delivery.

This news was published in New Scientist magazine in May 2018.

History of supplying tap water in Dhaka

Muntasir Mamun

It is bizarre to think today that how difficult it was to start the tap water supply in Dhaka city in the 19th century. As we know that Dhaka’s nawabs were foot licker of British but they did some tremendous good job and one of those was setting up supply water authority, the birth of Dhaka WASA.

This was taken from the book of “History of Dhaka” by Muntasir Mamun.

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Prostitution in Dhaka in 19th century – Muntasir Mamun

prostitution in Dhaka in during British period
prostitution in Dhaka in during British period

একটু চিন্তা করে দেখেন মুঘল সম্রাজ্যের মালিকরা যখন হাজার খানেক বৌ তথা রক্ষিতা রাখতো সে খবর আমরা খুব আনন্দের সাথে গ্রহণ করি, সম্রাটদের পৌরুষিকতার প্রশংসা করি. কিন্তু আমাদের দেশের কেও যদি একই কাজ করে, তাইলে তার জন্য ঘৃণা ছাড়া আর কিছু চিন্তা করতে পারি না. এটা কি আমাদের ভিতরের হিংসা থেকে আগত?

আরেকটা কথা এখানে বলা প্রয়োজন. ১৮৬৪ সালের খবর, আমি ১০০% নিশ্চিত সে সময়ে লন্ডনে ঢাকার চেয়ে ১০০ গুন্ বেশি পতিতা ছিল, যত বড়ো শহর তত বেশি ব্যাবসা , তত বেশি পল্লী. এটাই ক্যাপিটালিসম.

Correct way to eat almonds (how and when)


Heart failure is number one killer in USA
Heart failure is number one killer in the USA

Almonds are good but there is a way to consume almonds. the procedures to prepare almonds are as follows:

  1. at night before going to bed, put 7-10 almonds in a glass and pour water into the glass, let the almonds get soaked in water overnight.
  2. In the morning, peel off the almonds and consume. almond peel has an element called Tanin which inhibits to absorb antioxidants of almonds and you don’t get the maximum benefit of eating almonds.
  3. Eat the almonds in the empty stomach which is very good for reduction of arthritis in the body.